The Mechanic

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I was encouraged to set up this site for a few reasons.   The most important being to change the way people think when their lives intersect with anyone suffering from  Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.) , otherwise known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.   I can confidently tell you this is a physically crippling condition that impacts every possible level of the family dynamic.  My beautiful wife, Marcelle, has suffered from this condition since 2003 and her journey has included countless occasions of mis-diagnosis and stereotyping, taking nearly 6 years of tests, scans and independant research to find the right treatments.  Even now, with better medical support around her, she continues to suffer random relapses that come without warning, lasting anywhere from 36 hours to 7-10 days.  With over 180,000 Australians suffering from this illness, it deserves more attention and respect than it currently receives.

The Reason is a simple one….I will happily open the doors to life at home in the hope that it may encourage donations for a very worthy cause, and at the very least generate awareness and understanding of what is a persistant and destructive illness.  If your life intersects with someone inflicted with M.E. please treat them gently.


Now, on the lighter side I am hopeful that I can provide assistance to those who are either brave enough to take their first step into the Tough Mudder event arena, or others who are mad keen on smashing a previous time.  I have the experience, mental attitude and expertise that will have you laughing at the finish line. Training will be challenging, randomised and relevant as it prepares you for what lies ahead.  The important thing is not to be scared off…every movement and every workout can be scaled and adjusted to suit every body.  The most important thing is that you finish what you start…I am easily contactable through the message boards on this site and am happy to step in and give you the extra help when you need it.

 Hope for the best….plan for the worst.


Health Club Manager • Personal Trainer

CrossFit Trainer L1  • Sports Power Coach L1

I am a 42 year old guy who likes to engage himself in any activity that promotes a healthy lifestyle. A habit that started during my mid-teens has evolved into an addiction that grows stronger every year and has included conventional team sports, weights, running, mountain biking, CrossFit and multi-discipline adventure/endurance races. As with so many other recreational athletes, I get a somewhat sick sense of pleasure from pushing myself to that “special place” where the tank is truly empty and it seems only the fetal position provides relief.


Aside from a love of sports, fitness and competition my professional background has played a significant role in my approach to training and personal development. After one or two “vanilla” jobs in my early years, I began a career in state law enforcement which spanned 14 years and encompassed a wide range of roles and responsibilities. Some were very much the norm…general duties, motorcycle traffic patrol…others however were undoubtedly towards the more adventurous, adrenaline kick end of the spectrum. Rather than ramble on, here’s a quick snapshot of a few hats I had to wear during the years…

Special Operations Group 1991-2003

(aka SWAT for those in the US)

Tactical Operator 1991 – 1997

Team Leader 1997 – 2003

Training Cell 1996-2003

Bomb Technician / Dynamic Breacher / Explosive Entry 1999-2003

 Marine & Rescue Division 1998-2003

Fisheries Law Enforcement – Coastal Patrols

SOG Water Operations

Land / Sea / Air Search & Rescue operations

While this is all very much in the past now, the philosophy behind my training remains constant. I’m riding through a much-loved sea change in the health and fitness industry and have a great team to work with…and train with. There is no shortage of pursuing personal bests with these guys as we dish out endless competitive banter and enjoy plenty of laughs.  This is a good place to be, where I get enormous satisfaction from helping people improve themselves through their own guts and determination….with occasional “words of encouragement” thrown in for good measure and entertainment.

They love it, they do. They love it.

2 thoughts on “The Mechanic

  1. Good luck Simon in New Jersey. Amazing event. Here with your mum and dad who put us onto your blog. Wish I was young enough to do it!!


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