Sports Medicine Specialist

3.15pm Friday 4  May 2012

At recommendation of my favourite massage therapist, I trotted off to see Dr. Peter Fuller at LifeCare Sports Medicine Clinic, Ashdown.

Positives:    Really nice guy with a great knack of communicating his thoughts without confusing you or making you feel intellectually challenged.  He was very supportive of my intention to compete in the 2012 WTM event and agreed that with the right training, rehab and medical support I would be more than capable of completing the event safely.

Negatives:   He put my shoulder through so many mobility tests I walked out feeling like I’d been smacked about with a cricket bat.   While it was clear something was very wrong, he wasn’t prepared to make a diagnosis on the spot and recommended I see medical imagers for an ultrasound, with a possibility of getting a cortisone injection while I was there.

My shoulder had been really bad since Kettlebell / Muscle-up / Double Unders WOD completed during late April….I definitely felt something “go” during the double unders…I basically chose to ignore the whole thing and mask it with anti-inflammatory medication and pain killers….there was no way I was going to miss the Melbourne Tough Mudder race.

With my shoulder heavily taped, I entered this gig on both days…20km and 30 obstacles on each day….confident of my own legs to get me through, combined with knowing I’d have an absolute ball.  Not to be missed.  I went along with an awesome group of friends with my #1 roadie, Angus along for the ride too.  He had a great time and I loved having him around…I think he ran about 10km on the second day trying to beat me to obstacles to snap off a few photos with his new camera  : )    Love that little guy.

Ultrasound booked for Tuesday 8 May.  Nervous of what will be found.


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