Ultrasound – Diagnosis BAD

Nervous, off I went to the medical imagers at Victoria House, Malvern Road.

The doctor/s were definitely nowhere near as good as Peter Fuller.  Just grunts and monosyllabic instructions while they checked me out via ultrasound.  Sat in the consult room for 15 minutes while they shop-talked about my results in another room before returning and dumbing-down the diagnosis for me.

Diagnosis:  A full thickness tear of the supraspinatus tendon from the rotator cuff.  Essentially translating to one of four tendons making up the rotator cuff being completely severed and requiring surgery to repair it.  This is done via keyhole surgery and a solution is found by either screwing titanium eyelets into the bone to create anchor points for the re-attachment of the tendon, or by shaving the bone down far enough to allow threading of the tendon directly onto the bone to eventually heal.

Treatment:  One cortisone injection beautifully delivered, virtually pain free.  Shoulder feels great, but does still ache if I push through a tough workout now and then.

Estimated recovery:  Rehabilitation requires approximately 4-6 months !!  GUTTED.  Made even worse by reading on-line forums of surgery survivors proclaiming “how fantastic it is that I’m running again after only 3 months”.  KILL ME NOW.

Plan:    Train smart, complete basic rehabilitation exercises, rest it periodically (doing a 3 week : 1 week rotation) and take another injection about 4 weeks prior to the event.  Smash the event.  Return to Melbourne and book in my surgery….just has to be done.  Simple as that.

For now….eyes on the prize.  While I’m still “young” enough, this is pretty much a once in a lifetime opportunity to give this gig a red hot go.  I’m fit and healthy enough and have an endless supply of support from my gorgeous wife who will not allow me to deviate from the plan for a second.  She’s an amazing girl….I really do hope I can raise some money – and more importantly, awareness – of the illness that has devastated her quality of life.  If this helps other families like ours, I’ll take that.



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