Kettlebells & Muscle-ups

Three rounds, for time…

30m Walking lunges with single OH Kettlebell 32.0kg, 5 Muscle-ups, 40 mountain climbers (2-count), 20 Kettlebell figure-8 32.0kg, 4 Muscle-ups, 30 Mountain climbers (2-count), 10 Handstand press-ups, 3 Muscle-ups, 20 Mountain climbers (2-count), 20 Strict vertical kettlebell swings 32.0kg

<2 min rest between each round >

< R1 12:06   R2 14:10 >

then, for time…

600m Run (2deg, 17kph), 20 Chin-ups, 15 Kettlebell swings 32.0kg, 5 Wall walks

< 5: 29 >

2 thoughts on “Kettlebells & Muscle-ups

    • Hey Jon,
      Yeah…a little brutal. Sorry I don’t have any video, bud. Is there a component of this WOD that you’d like some more info/clarification on? Some of my exercise names can be a bit weird sometimes :-).
      Hope your own training is going really well and you’re getting some value out of my blog.
      Cheers, Simon


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