Squat Cleans


Squat cleans 2x  10x 60.0kg (75%), 2x  6x 70.0kg (85%), 2x  2x 80.0kg (95%)

<Rest 5 minutes >

then, for time…

21, 15, 9 repetitions of Power cleans 65.0kg, Ring dips

< 8:54 >

Despite still feeling really weary in the legs (long day at work too) I’ve managed PBs again. The squat clean weights were the same but my lifting was more efficient with no failed attempts like the last time (18 May). My WOD time was over two minutes faster but the rest was a couple of minutes longer while I helped out some members in the Club mid-session.

Worst thing is that it’s feeling like my cortisone injection is wearing off. Shoulder is pretty sore tonight…have had to self-medicate more than I’d like. I’m feeling that I may be asking my specialist for his nod to another injection soon (with a third and final jab shortly before the WTM race)…see how it feels after a few days rest. Eurovision party with our favourite people this long weekend….plenty of laughs ahead!


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