Run Row Carry

Three rounds for time…

Run 500m, 10 Power cleans (R1 70kg, R2 65kg, R3 60kg), 30m Farmer’s carry 128kg, Row 500m, 15 Kettlebell swings 32.0kg, 30m Farmer’s carry 128kg

< R1  10:38, R2  11:46, R3  12:26 >

< 34:50 >

A particularly heavy farmer’s carry using a “trap bar” (as shown in feature pic above).  Didn’t eat that well today (not enough), so was a little more gassed than I would have liked during this session.  On a positive note, Marcelle feeling a bit better after yesterday and visited ME/CFS Australia to offer 4hrs/wk support to assist those recently diagnosed with ME.  They’ll be lucky to have her on board.

Also expecting this site to be distributed through the ME/CFS Australia community sometime in the next few days.


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