Run Ladder

For time…

Run 1,000m (2° 16kph), 20 Squat cleans 70kg, Run 800m (2° 16kph), 20 Single arm handstand holds w/ 15 second hold per rep, Run 600m (2° 16kph), 20 Strict underhand weighted chin-ups 10kg, Run 400m (2° 18kph), 20 Strict deep kettlebell front squats 2x 24kg, Run 200m (2° 20kph)

< 42:06 >

This one was tougher and longer than I thought it was going to be. I changed the cleans to squat cleans (heavy going for me), handstand push-ups to single arm static holds and doubled the reps for the last two weight bearing stations. Suffice to say it was a dog, but still worth the satisfaction at the end.

My last cortisone injection is wearing off…currently waiting on a thumbs up from my sports physician to add an extra jab into my schedule.


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