Five rounds, for time…

800m Run, 30 Kettlebell swings 32kg, 30 Chin-ups

< 42:39 >

CrossFit name many of their workouts after girls’ names….both as a bit of a laugh (as most workouts’ names are referring to real people) and to identify each workout without having to ramble on in detail.  If you feel up to meeting the other girls, of which there are many, feel free to take a look here.  These are great workouts, with most of them short enough to back onto some strength work.

There are other named workouts referred to as Hero WODs (Workout Of the Day).  These only come up now and then and are longer, completely punishing and nasty…all Hero WODs are aptly named after fallen soldiers, so given this you can’t help but trivialise your own mid-session pain and torment in comparison to the sacrifice of those no longer with us.

Now, Eva and I do have a history, as I generally prefer the longer sessions.  She is a merciless, cruel harlot who will crush you if you enter ill prepared….as I did today.  My stuff-up?….FOOD!  Not enough of it, Mudders.  My tank just wasn’t topped up enough to give my PB of 38:42 anywhere near a shake.  All I walked away with was exhaustion, a lesson of “eat food, idiot” and a few hand rips.

We’ll meet again, Eva. Wear something nice next time.


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