The Illness That Drives Me

 Marcelle update…

My poor girl has been doing it tough the past week.  After feeling “fantastic” and “normal” over the Queens Birthday long weekend, she has been hit by one of the worst relapses she’s had for a while.  Confined to her bed since Wednesday last week, she only felt strong enough to have a shower yesterday….even then having to sit on the floor for it.  The house pretty much hits auto-pilot during these times of crisis by taking over dinner preps, getting school lunches ready, school transport, laundry and looking after my gorgeous wife.  Giving her as much loving care and attention as we possibly can.

I did consider putting in some photos taken of Marcelle during these low moments, but just can’t bring myself to do it. You just want these times behind you, even though you know there are others to come. This time, I’ll share a photo of my girl in her element….the outdoors, the backpack, the ocean air….to show what this illness takes away, without warning.

It’s tough going for Liam and Gus when she has these relapses…I can tend to swing into an over-protective state where I just expect too much from them….they’re only kids for god’s sake and I’m on their hammer big time.

On a positive note, she is feeling a bit stronger today….managing to move about a little and not being so sensitive to light and noise.  While she’s the resident master at hiding how bad she is from friends and family, I can pick it by just the sound of her voice on the phone. I’m guessing another 4-5 days at this stage before my state of alert drops below DEFCON 2.

School holidays are looming…I’ll admit I’m nervous for her.


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