Sponsorship Juggernaut

Well, what a day. The past 24 hours or so has been a roller coaster to say the least.  I have been left speechless, with two separate offers to cover my travel expenses to New York and return. When work began on this project I never imagined receiving this level of support…it is overwhelming.

For obvious reasons, I won’t ever identify contributions from individuals, but they know who they are and their positive impact on this project. Truly amazing people.

I have already posted an update on recent sponsorship efforts (check it out) but there has been some recent action since that is definitely worth another post…so here goes…

While I am still waiting on responses from Snowgum, Kathmandu and Macpac I have forged a relationship with a local dive/surf store who have been fantastic in helping me source and correctly size a Xcel Infiniti Hooded Drylock 5/4/3mm (sounds impressive doesn’t it). The guy is even bringing in his own suit to help me get fitted as they only order these bad boys in on request. He is equally happy to have a customer preferring face-to-face contact over on-line shopping. As soon as we lock in a deal you’ll see their brand proudly stamped on the HOME page.

In amongst the turmoil of what has been a crazy day, it looks like all my flights and accommodation are going to be covered! It’s beyond anything I could have hoped for and has essentially allowed us to steer all subsequent fundraising direct to charity. With nearly 20 weeks to go, this project has the potential to generate something really special for ME/CFS Australia…thanks to the unconditional kindness of individuals and organisations alike.

As soon as formalities have been completed I’ll reveal the source of this fantastic show of support. Stay tuned.


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