Token Effort

Five rounds, for time…

400m Run (2°, 16kph), 10 Burpees, 1 Muscle-up

< 15:06 >


Unbroken sets of 50 Kettlebell swings 24kg, 40 Hollow rocks, 30 Chin-ups, 20 Walking kettlebell lunges 40kg, 10 Box jumps 30″

I had the best of intentions of finishing the week off with a bigger session where the five rounds were really supposed to be twenty rounds.

I should have been smarter with the burpee impact on my shoulder and subbed that exercise for kettlebell swings or something.  It just got to the point where the five-round ‘preview’ option was the right thing to do.  Let the shoulder settle down…I’m scheduled for a softer week ahead anyway with massage, mobility WODs and stretching.  I’ve been on the phone a few times trying to secure another cortisone injection, hopeful that could be next Wednesday or Thursday. Can’t wait for that.

Poor Marcelle had Gus home from school today.  Now, he really is a great little guy who we love to death, but Marcelle just was not strong enough to fill the role of sidekick for the day.  She’s exhausted and really feeling the effects of it all while I’m writing this post.  This is not “ordinary” tired….her symptoms include severe lethargy, slight confusion and slurred speech…all on top of a stuffed digestive system.

Looking forward to the weekend….aside from ageing another year tomorrow, with Gus in tow I’ll be visiting the guys at CrossFit 121 to talk details about the  July Debris fund raiser event they have been kind enough to support and then off to RPS The Board Store to try on an Xcel Infiniti Drylock wetsuit to check the sizing out and hopefully talk out a deal to get the suit ordered in at a great price.  Finally, it’s off to my bro’s place to knock over a few beers while we hear all about his recent trip away (Madonna in Milan, no less), fire up his 65kg bull mastif and watch a movie or two in his theatre.  Will be a good day out.

Hope everyone else’s weekend is equally good  😉

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