That is the sound I made when Dr Fuller asked me to go through some range of motion testing a couple of minutes after he extracted the needle from my shoulder.  Cortisone is a beautiful thing…virtually side-effect free, very specific (thanks to the needle) with almost immediate relief.   Dr Fuller’s general bedside manner, genuine interest and concern immediately outweighed any waiting-room delays.  He’s excellent at what he does and carries no ego whatsoever. He just wants what is best for you.

If you’re a Melbourne resident, then I cannot recommend Peter highly enough for any sports medicine related diagnosis and treatment.

Peter’s mission is to keep my shoulder mobile and pain-free enough to allow me to train with race-specific load bearing at a high enough intensity.  Once I get back from the US, I will then be in the care of Mr Simon Holland. He will be the orthopaedic mechanic to re-attach my torn rotator cuff, most likely via an arthroscopic procedure on my shoulder where two or three anchors will be drilled into my humorous (no laughing matter….sorry) to allow stitching to take hold and repair the supraspinatus tendon.  It is also likely that some bone (4-5mm is pretty standard) will be shaved off the acromiom and removed to allow a larger space for the tendon to minimise any future impingement risks.  Five months or so of rehab/rebuild and I’ll be solid. Here’s a quick 3D render of the surgery for your viewing pleasure  🙂

So…all in all a positive step forward today.  Although, as Peter predicted I do have some shoulder pain as I write this, however it should settle down by tomorrow.  He was pleased I was in the middle of a recovery week, with just mobility work and less intensive training scheduled.

So…back to business…training.

Mobility WOD 

As with yesterday, I completed the full sequence of six Mobility WOD movements that claim to provide Tough Mudders with increased mobility specifically designed for the demands of high mileage, multiple obstacles, cold exposure and the temptation to whine.  The full sequence takes around 25-30 minutes. Click on the image below to be taken back to the full text descriptor of each movement if you need a reminder.

then, three rounds for time…

500m Run (4°, 14kph), 20 Diagonal/oblique toes to rings, 20 Alternating single leg box jumps 20″

< 15:23 >

Nice little workout.  The single leg box jumps are a much under-utilised power exercise and is great for bringing about a ‘balance of power’ between each side.  The key is to jump aggressively and get plenty of drive through your arms. Take a breath and compress your midline for the full set, drive and landing sequence.  Core stabilisation is critical.


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