Easy Day

Mobility WOD

This is just an easy rest day…giving my body an opportunity to reset for another 4-5 weeks of nasty stuff ahead, including the 8-hour epic, July Debris (click this to check it out and join us for what will be a great day out). The upcoming training cycle will be including more base/distance work while continuing to inject strength work and general load bearing capacity.

In keeping with my aim to achieve consciousness on a higher plane via improved mobility, I once again completed the full sequence of six Mobility WOD movements that claim to provide Tough Mudders with increased mobility specifically designed for the demands of cold water exposure, crusted mud in all the wrong cracks and temptation to meander.  The full sequence takes around 25-30 minutes. Click on the image below to be taken back to the full text descriptor of each movement if you need a reminder.

then, two lovely rounds for time…

15 Minute sauna, cold shower

Would you believe me if I said the 10 Minute Squat Test is becoming slightly more bearable? This is likely to be down to two things….(1) improved mobility…(2) distraction provided to me by finding myself a quiet corner of the gym while I painstakingly watch the highly recommended viewing that is Hot Fuzz…brace yourself for unimaginable wit and humour…


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