Quiet Before The Storm

A quiet day planned and executed.

Mobility work, stretching and a quick sauna in the morning to loosen up with a 30 minute trigger point session on my shoulder at lunch time.  This effectively brought a close to a week of rest, mobility and pharmaceuticals before the work load kicks in again.

After chatting with a few people, it is evident that I need to start introducing some longer ‘base’ training to establish and maintain a workable foundation that will survive a 24-hour race.  I’m confident in my capacity to operate in run/work intervals over a long period, but the underlying base needs to be evaluated.  I am not a fan of plain distance work….it just bores me senseless.

Overall, the training is going well, but – as the guys at work are taking much pleasure in pointing out – I am definitely dropping body weight as injury and race necessity demand restricted movement, higher repetitions and greater aerobic output.  What was 82kg is already 79kg.  I love my food…but I just need to get it to my face more often if I’m to maintain any degree of strength and power.

Due to a busy day at work, I’ll be up before the birds tomorrow to head in and quietly open the club for my own exclusive “enjoyment”.  I know Ads and Max are looking forward to seeing what kind of a state I’m in when they rock up to start their shifts at 0530.

I’ll publish a post tomorrow that will dissect the workout, my performance and nutrition.  It is my hope that the session and subsequent rate of recovery show signs of an aerobic base that is, at the very least, encouraging for the road ahead.


4 thoughts on “Quiet Before The Storm

    • Hello there, mother! Nice to “see” you on the site…hope you’re enjoying it. The weight loss is very typical of the higher aerobic base together with a restricted ability to work with heavier weights due to my shouulder. There is no doubt I’m not eating enough on some occasions, but I’m working on fixing all that. Today’s workout was a three-hour epic and I didn’t drop any weight in the process, which is a good sign. I’ll get another post up today with a breakdown of the session. Just ate the world’s largest omelette this morning, so that was pretty good.

      Thanks for sending dad over with all that food yesterday….SO good x (is any of that onion/garlic free?….is it safe for Marcelle? xx)

      Chat more soon.
      S x

    • G’day Tristan. Thanks so much for taking the time to follow the site and throw some comments in. I hope the material is helpful for you….are you competing in any races coming up? I’m trying to liaise with Tough Mudder HQ to see if an Australian-competitor forum can be established. Would be great to be able to discuss training, tactics, equipment and general prep work among fellow Aussies.

      My nutrition is far from perfect at the moment, but I have my wife Marcelle all over it….her journey dealing with ME has developed a very strong understanding of nutrition/digestion etc. I promise I will publish a specific nutrition post very soon. At this stage, my supplement “staples” are flaxseed oil, spirulina, chlorella, magnesium/calcium powder, protein supplementation (courtesy of Ascend Sports Proteins) and what would be about a 75-80% compliance with paleo nutrition. My main problem is that my work can get so busy that I simply don’t get to eat as often as I should. More discipline and food prep required !

      I intend to chase down other suppliers to specifically address the nutritional needs of the race as well…I’ll keep everyone updated as this develops. After my three-hour session this morning, I can tell you that the consumption of solid food is far from pleasant when the heat is on. This is obviously critical to maintaining sufficient energy to last the full 24-hrs. More information to follow !

      Thanks again for your interest, mate. Contact me anytime if you have other questions or ideas.



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