Filthy Fifteen Miles

As reluctantly promised in Quiet Before The Storm, I rose at 0300hrs to head into the Club to start running and lifting.  The timing of this session was based around two main factors…(1) with a three-hour duration, it was the only chance I was going to have in the busy day ahead to get it done….and (2) I saw it as simply mimicking what will be expected at the race itself…sleep deprivation, long-haul workload and a “why am I doing this?” state of mind.

To have the Club to myself was quietly refreshing. I kept the place dimly lit and set up a food/drink station to make sure I kept up with fluids etc during this session.  To be honest, I didn’t have the nutrition side of this gig screwed down as neatly as I would normally…it was all a bit slapped together.  A grab-and-go station with water, Gatorade, protein shakes and Organic Food Bars cut into small pieces.  I had a shake before I left home (almond milk, water, flaxseed oil, Ascend Muscle Gen II protein powder, Ascend Protein Catalyst, chlorella and spirulina).  This was chased down by a fistful of nuts, seeds and dried berries.  Delicious.

 Baseline Endurance Testing

30 rounds, for time…

400m Run (2°, 13.5kph), 10 Kettlebell swings 24.0kg, 3 Strict underhand chin-ups

then, 30 rounds for time…

400m Row (<1:55/500m pace), 10 Kettlebell swings 24.0kg, 3 Strict underhand chin-ups

TOTALS:  12.0km run, 12.0km row, 600 kettlebell swings @ 24.0kg (14,400kg moved from floor to overhead and return) and 180 strict chin-ups.

< 3:01.47 >

The session was originally set for running only….no rowing.  I had to switch to rowing at the half-way mark to silence some rather disturbing knee pain.  I was determined to make sure that I did not exceed 3 minutes per round and would have finished well inside this target but  I lost around 10 minutes when I had to mess about with tape for blisters and the sore left knee.

I drank about 2.6 litres of fluid over the three hours and did not lose any body weight…very happy about that one. I did try to eat some of the Organic Food Bar pieces during the session, but that was harder to cope with than the workload itself.  It was like someone was feeding me cubes of chalk to chew on.  This alone was well worth testing (thanks Mxx).  I’ll be using plenty of gel-packs for July Debriswith some experimentation to include beef jerky and a cold quinoa/tuna mix.

To recover from this endurance session, I sought help from a nearby café to restore strength and replace nutrients.  Upon entering Breadwell, I quietly asked the guy at the counter if they do omelettes. He asked me for specifics and I asked if they had any special numbers that could satisfy a rather tired, hungry patron.  He smirked, turned to the chef and said, “Knock up one of your bastard omelettes for this guy, can you?”.  At that instant, I knew all would be well.  Four eggs, milk, sausages, salmon, spinach, mushrooms, herbs, onion and other sundry items that did not register as I went about inhaling this monster.  Best omelette I have ever eaten.

After a bit of research, the knee pain could possibly be an onset of Iliotibial Band Syndrome….(I’m hoping I am mistaken though as everything on-line goes on about how hard it is to shake off).  To knock it all on the head, my immediate strategies are stretching, massage/myotherapy/dry needling and to invest in some excellent footwear.  While the New Balance Minimus MT10 is a great shoe that I’ve worn for a long time now, I need to acknowledge the need for good cushioning to cope with the mileage in my prep work and the race itself.  I was not expecting the knee pain yesterday…I’ve done plenty of long runs with minimal prep work and have never felt anything like this….given that history, I’m hopeful it will be sorted without too much interference to the game plan. All that aside though, my legs have pulled up well with minimal muscle soreness and my shoulder feels pretty solid.

After sooking about my knee at work yesterday, I was shown a pair of K-Swiss K’ Ona-S shoes (thanks GT) and I’m in the middle of reading reviews….they all look good so far. Aside from all the benefits of a shoe that is specifically designed for stability and support over long mileage, the drainage holes are an added bonus when you know you’re going to be spending considerable time in filthy, cold water.

Speaking of K-Swiss….they have become quite liberal with their advertising.  Spearheaded by US comedian Kenny Powers, these ads are definitely for YouTube only. If you are not offended by colourful language and sexual references, you might get a few laughs if you search YouTube for Kenny Powers K-Swiss MFCEO.  There are quite a few to choose from and are best not enjoyed in the company of children.

After the 3-hour grinder yesterday, I am enjoying a nice chilled weekend at home.   I’ll be working with Marcelle to pull information together in response to a couple of requests to publish more specific material on my nutritional regimen for both the training and the race itself.  Marcelle has an unbelievable grasp of nutrition, digestion and energy systems.  Brought about by a combination of her professional background (Health Sciences / Paramedic) and her determination to learn more as she continues to wage war with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.

For me, this research will make for a nice, quiet activity while my knees take a rest and my rhomboids and traps continue to scream at me in protest.

6 thoughts on “Filthy Fifteen Miles

  1. wow..brings me to tears! did you do this much training before your amazing toughmudder challenge at Phillip Island?..take care darling..forever proud xx

  2. What an amazing quest Simon, now that’s determination and dedication! Check out newtons online they are an American running shoe incredibly light weight and supportive I would not run in anything else these days! Well done Simon, we look forwards to th next update – love to you and your family love Nellie

    • Hey there Nells!

      So nice to hear from you 🙂

      Thanks for your shoe advice but I’ve already pulled the trigger.

      I’ve just submitted an order for 2x Salomon XA Pro 3D Ultra trail runners. Lots of research led me to these which was ironic as I have had them before and loved them. They should arrive from the US in a couple of weeks 🙂

      Thanks for checking out the site….the support so far has been amazing.

      Hope you and the family are all going well, hon. I’ll take a look at those shoes….they might be too good to pass up.

      Chat to you again soon.

    • Hope you like it, mate. I’m doing it again this week. I have an ITB niggle to deal with so running is off my agenda for the next couple of weeks…doing long rows, water running and rides to substitute. A bit frustrating but hope its sorted out soon.

      Really inspired by your run last night. Tim. Hardcore stuff….keep it going.


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