Hand Shredder

Five rounds, for time….(start at 20 reps each, subtract 2 reps each round)

Hang power clean 60.0kg, Kettlebell swing 32.0kg, Chin-up (supinated grip), Row (calories)

< 41:54 >

The last time I had a crack at this was 31 May 2012 with a time of 43:15  and a 70.0kg HPC.  However, what I am noticing now is that my shoulder is becoming less and less tolerant to load bearing…what was no problem during May/June is now edging towards the ‘no-can-do’ list.  It squealed during the hang power clean warm-up drill for this session and is still aching even after dropping the weight by 10kg.  This is a very clear sign that I need to take my level of care up a notch or three.

First point of call is an appointment for myotherapy, dry needling and cupping at Gators Myotherapy.  Ideally seeking to take the stress out of the supraspinatus muscle which comes from around the shoulder blade  and attaches to the top of the humerous….one of four such tendons that make the rotator cuff.  It is this slippery bugger that is causing me grief.  Logic suggests : ease the muscle = ease the inflammation at the insertion. Nikki has been really kind in extending me a generous discount to help with my care and maintenance while I’m prepping for the race.  She is a great therapist and I highly recommend her if you have similar needs.  I am a fussy bugger when it comes to deep tissue massage and myotherapy and I would be happy to recommend Nikki…as one of my mates did to get me in there in the first place…pay it forward! 🙂

After that, it’s off to the physiotherapist that Peter Fuller recommended to get a non-negotiable list of ‘can-do’ movements.  It is critical that this shoulder retains strength and mobility between now and November.

From the sponsorship side of things, I received some more positive feedback from 2XU today…very positive about their support and should be locking something in soon.  Great news.  The guys at RPS The Board Store are still waiting to hear back from Billabong (who act as Australian distributors for Xcel) and I’ve left a message with another bunch called Hammer Nutrition to see if they can help me out with any in-race gel/endurance supplement product….will keep you posted as things develop further.


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