Row • Lift Ladder

Strength work…

Box squats (12″)

2x  10x 70.0kg (75%), 2x  8x 77.5kg (80%), 2x  6x 87.5kg (85%)

then, for time…

Row 1000m, 20 Strict bent over row 60.0kg, Row 800m, 20 Underhand ring pull-ups > straight leg raise >in version,, Row 600m, 20 Twin kettlebell swings (2x 24.0kg), 400m row.

  • Subbed a few exercises from the previous version to protect the shoulder and give the knee a bit more of a rest from running.

< 26:07 >

This was a good session. Despite the ribbing at my ‘endurance frame’ from Ads and Max, the squats were heavier than last time so it was good to feel some sense of progress in the shadow of the shoulder and knee melodramas. I’m confident that the right protection and management will have these all squared away for a good race performance.

I also pulled the trigger on my race footwear last night…allow me to introduce the Salomon XA Pro 3D Ultra 2 trail runner…mmmmm.  You like, yes?  Rocking enough to warrant two pairs.  I’m going to need one for training and then one to break in just before the race.  These are awesome shoes that I’ve used before.  It felt good to get into the footwear research with an open mind yet still come full circle back to these based on a number of independant reviews and comparative tests.

They’ll be arriving in a couple of weeks  from the US, courtesy of  At AUD110.00 each they were a bargain in comparison to the shelf price of AUD170+ in the outdoor shops around Melbourne.

Off to see Lady Gaga in concert tonight with Marcelle….the tickets were her birthday present last month, so she’s been really looking forward to it.  We have been quietly nervous about her capacity to go at all…her strength is starting to return now after what has been one of the worst relapses she has had for a long time.  Just pause for a moment and imagine how you would cope with being so sick and weak that you were confined to home for 18 days…the majority of which was spent in bed.  At one stage she was so bad it took 4 days for her to feel strong enough to have a shower….even then she had to sit.  These were a dark couple of weeks for my girl.

After all of that, tonight represents a turning point for her….and for all of us to be honest.  Leopard print fur vest, black top, skinny jeans, boots….she looks awesome.  So good to have her back.  S x

2 thoughts on “Row • Lift Ladder

    • Hey Tristan

      Thanks for the message, mate.

      There’s no doubt about it…Lady Gaga is a #ing rockstar. Awesome concert.

      Marcelle held up really well too….had a great time.

      Hope your training is going well, mate. Will be getting the nutrition informant up shortly for you.



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