Fireman’s Carry

This particular activity is usually referred to as a Farmer’s Carry.  Today I decided that no farmer in his right mind has a property featuring a structure with near 500 stairs to climb.  Fireman, however, are far more prone to carrying “stuff” up and down stairs….so I thought a re-badging of the exercise was in order.

Fireman’s Carry

Carry 74.0kg up 36 floors and return (460 steps each way)

Wear a 10.0kg weight vest, carry 2x 32.0kg kettlebells.

 Up:  10:11 / Down: 7:26

The addition of the weight vest while on the back of sore legs from yesterday made the climb phase of this session a bit of a squeezer.  This drill is great prep work for the event though and will really challenge your grip strength and “keep going” mentality.  I usually take some tunes (for distraction) and a chalk bag along with me.


With my extensive emergency services background, I can confidently tell you that the majority of a fireman’s time is spent between sleeping, second jobs, baking scones, watching movies, playing volleyball, pushing weights and washing trucks.  If its a busy day, they may even manage to cook a roast too.

On those rare and cherished moments where the skills of their “primary role” are in demand, they will be climbing stairs whilst loaded with significant amounts of “stuff”….BA kits/PP masks, comms kits, entry tools, hose, ladders, small kittens and tin hats.  This one’s for you, boys….keep up the good work…

2 thoughts on “Fireman’s Carry

  1. Really enjoyed this! A well written post. Not sure if you intended it but I found it very funny. I may have giggled out loud on the tram 😉
    P.s you’ll never catch me doing this… EVER.

    • I’m mortified you have allowed yourself to be blind to my razor sharp wit.

      I’m glad the post managed to extract an audible laugh…although a snort would have been my preference. Especially on a tram.

      I’ve returned the gesture of your support and am happy to be following your site 🙂

      I’m just waiting on the thumbs up for you to use our logo. Should be ok.

      See you tomorrow


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