Lift • Run • Jump


Five rounds, with full rest between each round…

5 reps 120.0kg Deadlift.  Hold the deadlift on the last rep and complete a 20m Farmer’s Carry.  Immediately complete 8 reps of 40.0kg Good Mornings.


Box interval = 5 repetitions of jump over 18″ – floor – 20″ – floor – 24″ – floor – 30″.  No pausing.  Touch and go off each surface.

Run 1000m (2°, 16kph), Box interval, Run 800m (2°, 16kph), Box interval, Run 600m (2°, 17kph), Box interval, Run 400m (2°, 19kph), Box interval, Run 200m (2°, 20kph), Box interval.

< 24:37 >

This was nearly 90 seconds slower than the last time I did this drill.  Going off the back of the past two days plus the deadlifts earlier just made the weary legs dig deeper.  All good, I say…they’re going to have to dig deep in November.  Warm up well for the jump sequence as the plyometric rebounds can be stressful for your achilles tendon.  Mine was just saying a quiet “hello” tonight…this translates to a rest day tomorrow finished off by a myotherapy session with Nikki.  I am looking forward to kicking off these treatments but they are going to be far from pleasant.  I might take a stick to bite down on.

Don’t worry if you need to scale the boxes down a bit…and in the same breath, hats off to you if you can ramp them up….I’ve added the video below to give you a look at how one guy gets his plyometric training done…meet Damien Walters…


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