Wilsons Promontory – Day 1

We arrived at the Prom at around 10.30pm last night and quickly set up a really comfortable camp to just tie us over to morning before we started walking.  I use the term ‘camp’ loosely as I don’t know if two people in a five-man tent using mattresses and watching Le Tour de Francé on the iPad is what camping is supposed to be like….but jeez it was nice.

Up at a leisurely 8.30am the next morning and we were ready to go for a walk.  After Marcelle’s recent relapse, this is one of those moments we embrace and try to make the most of.  After what was three pretty miserable weeks, this was our opportunity to reconnect in a magic environment and enjoy each other’s company.  The weather was perfect and we love this National Park…reminds us a lot of Tassie.

The walk from Tidal River to Little Waterloo Bay is around 15km and is quite a gentle track.  Despite this, Marcelle still struggled a little bit but recovered really well on any downhills and flats. The campsite was really beautiful…quiet, protected and just to cap it off, we were privileged to watch a pod of around 50 dolphins playing around in the bay…some coming as close as 20m off shore.  Some casually swimming around, some jumping high and putting on a bit of a show. Magic stuff.

Asleep by 7.00pm, this was a great day.  Hope you enjoy the photos of this amazing little piece of Victoria.


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