Wilsons Promontory – Day 2

Again, the weather was perfect.  Barely a breath of wind and sun shining.  Aside from the fact the water would have been around 10-12ºC, we thought it was good enough for a quick skin dip.   Let me tell you…this was a very quick jump in the water.  Extremities were not happy but it was awesome.

Today was a little different….back to “work”.  While Marcelle enjoyed the serenity of Little Waterloo Bay for the day, I decided it was a great opportunity for a long distance trail run to test the legs a bit.  With a pack on for added torment, this took me around the southern edge of the national park, following the coastline.  The terrain was quite challenging with a number of climbs but the weather, clean air and turquoise water all provided sufficient distraction from my aching legs and increased respiration.

Overall, it was around 20km of mileage.  After returning to Little Waterloo Bay, I was really happy with how the run went….not one hint of joint pain and a fairly quick rate of recovery.  The main problem, however, was that the day ran away from us at the same time and we had food issues.  Some birds – get this – had UNZIPPED our back packs while we were at the beach and stripped us of just about everything we had stashed aside for the day.  You would think that if you had zipped your bag up you’d be ok….apparently not.  Cheeky buggers that were way to intelligent for our liking.  Lesson learnt.

Another lesson…don’t pick up the spilt food and re-bag it.  I took on a pretty nasty stomach bug which I’m pretty sure was thanks to bugs from the birds.

The fact that we had left our run out so late meant we spent the last 10km of our walk in darkness.  Cool, yes.  Hungry and ready to go home, yes.  If anything, we also got a chance to test out the Underwater Kinetics 3AAA eLED headlamps I purchased for the race.  They were rock solid.

Back to the car by 9.30pm and home by 12.15am (including about 8 stops for me to run to a toilet or roadside bush thanks to the stomach bug….NOT pretty).  A long day, but we loved (almost) every minute of it.  Marcelle did a fantastic job…commenting countless times how much she loved it and how good it made her feel to get out and about. That, combined with a good training base ticked off, made it for a perfect weekend together.


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