Seen Better Days

While the weekend at Wilsons Promontory really was pretty special, the aftermath of this stomach bug has been “special” in a clASS all of its own.  It would be safe to say I have established a very intimate relationship with not only our own toilet, but just about every roadstop and a few bushes between Wilsons Prom and home. I hereby promise that no matter how hungry I may be, I will not consume foods that have been messed with by native wildlife as they clearly have little regard for their own personal hygiene.

Since getting back from the bush on Sunday night, I’ve been to work on Monday morning before having to head back home feeling crook.  The next day I felt a little better and was at work by 6.00am….but no…I had to bolt home again at about 4.00pm that afternoon.  From that point on, my world turned brown.  While I’m recovering now, the gut is still not happy and I’m feeling like a prisoner of war.  I’m gagging to get back into training (even more so with my new Salomon trail runners arriving yesterday), but will have to work really hard to put some weight back on.

While I’ve been laid up at home, I’ve tried to be somewhat productive and have published another couple of pages that are navigated via the main menu above.  I’ve had a couple of requests to cover my nutrition and equipment planning for the race, so I thought the best way  to do this was to simply keep adding to these pages as things develop and ideas present themselves.  Just give each of the icons below a click to take a look….I hope the information is helpful.




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