Obstacle Simulations

While today’s WOD may have been a little on the shorter side, I tried to make sure the movements translated to potential obstacles in the World’s Toughest Mudder race. This is not easy to do, as the team behind these events are crafty buggers. As an example of their cunning, I’ve attached a somewhat amusing video of one of last year’s obstacles appropriately badged as “The Jesus Walk”….

 Warm up

10 minute treadmill walk @ 12° incline 5.5kph wearing 10.0kg vest:

250m carry 2x 20.0kg kettlebells, 250m carry 1x 20.0kg kettlebell (right shoulder), 250m carry 1x 20.0kg (left shoulder)

Dump vest on the ground in disgust.

then, two rounds for time…

Run 500m (2°, 18kph), 10 Muscle-ups, 30m Farmer’s carry 120.0kg, Row 500m (<1:48/500m pace), 20 Kettlebells swings 32.0kg, 30m Cable sled* pull 40.0kg

< R1 15:37   R2 17:42 >

* The cable sled pull was set up with a knotted rope attached to a low cable pulley.  Simply sit your butt on the floor and start pulling hand over hand.  The rope was about 5m long, so I did 6 reps which had me working pretty hard in both directions as each rep was re-set.


Today marks yet another day where we are overwhelmed by acts of unconditional generosity and support. People that we really don’t know that well, who just want to help. It’s difficult to feel like you’ve expressed enough gratitude in situations like these, but one thing is for certain –  there are good people around…whether acting as individuals or representing organisations.

At the beginning we didn’t even know if we could manage to get my own travel covered, now I am totally pumped to announce that today’s amazing gesture will have Marcelle accompanying me to New York for the race!

To know I have my number one fan, nutritionist and sports psychologist with me has made a massive difference to my state of mind for this race. Given the freezing conditions, I did go and book her some accommodation for the overnight section of the race so she can bunk down for a while, but to quote Marcelle, “the organisers will have to drag me out by my hair while you’re still racing”.  Mind you, it’s not all smooth sailing….she is already working on a plan to build her strength to survive the flights and manage herself in a way that allows her to enjoy and survive the experience.  It’s a very delicate act of energy management and conservation.

Now, with my own flights and some accommodation sponsored by Hyatt International, this project just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Exciting stuff for the Australian ME/CFS community, yes?



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