Squat Row Swing


Back squats w/ 10x Cable chest press 50.0kg

2x (10x 80.0kg), 2x (8x 90.0kg), 2x (6x 95.0kg)

The cable chest press was added as a  super-set in an attempt  to fire up some “push” without upsetting my torn rotator cuff.

then, for time…

Row 1,000m, 20x Strict bent over row 60.0kg, Row 800m 20x Kettlebell figure-8’s 32.0kg, Row 600m, 20x Double kettlebell swing (2x 24.0kg), Row 400m, 20x Kettlebell swing hammer curls (2x 20.0kg), Row 200m, 20 Kettlebell 180° swings 32.0kg

< 27:38 >

The Kettlebell 180° swings are performed like a normal swing, however you increase the workload and control by pausing at the 12 o’clock position to allow a 180° turn before you allow the kettlebell to fall and reset for the next rep.  The pause at the top is around 2 seconds in duration.  Keep your eyes on the weight and make sure you have sufficient room to complete the change in direction safely.

If you’re not familiar with a couple of the other movements here, I’ve added some video footage to help you out….

Kettlebell Figure-8

Double Kettlebell Swing

Just a bit more great news coming in just before I finished up work for the day.  My sponsorship with 2XU was finalised today with an incredible offer of $1,200 worth of compression/recovery wear with an inclusion of 20% off wholesale costs for any additional gear I might need.  I am absolutely pumped to know I’ll be wrapped up in a world class product designed and manufactured right here in Melbourne. I’ll be getting sized up tomorrow and should have things sorted in time for the July Debris event in 10 days.

On top of this was a totally unexpected offer of complimentary osteopathy treatment, courtesy of Lachlan Goodwin at Cityosteopathy, 55 Swanston Street.  His offer was right out of the blue and driven by a desire to help me safely carry my injury through both the training and the event itself. Osteopathy, combined with my myotherapy, should give me absolutely no excuses provided I work within the limits of their expert advice.

Thanks Locky.  You’re an absolute star, mate.


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