Rest day today, boys and girls…but sometime late tomorrow night will set the scene for an interesting gear testing and cold/water exposure session at Brighton Beach. Needless to say I seem to have had trouble convincing anyone to join me…I can’t imagine why?!?

Air temperature should be around 9°C…nearly double the forecasted maximum temperature for the race in November.

After posting yesterday’s Hero WOD (Workout Of the Day), Marcelle had a great idea… I will continue to include Hero WOD concepts in my programming, however all such future sessions will be referred to as Unbroken WODs. These sessions will involve a higher-than-normal volume and will be completed at maximum intensity in recognition of those who fight and survive the symptoms of ME on a daily basis.

In partnership with ME/CFS Australia (Vic, Tas, NT), I will post photos and background stories that will not only serve as inspiration for training but to share various stories of hardship and success with the ME/CFS community.

I won’t lie though…these workouts do make me nervous.


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