Wet Work

With my new Xcel Infiniti Drylock wetsuit arriving recently, I’ve been pretty keen to get it wet and test it out in some colder conditions.  This also provided a window in which to also test out my Underwater Kinetics eLED headlamps and Salomon 3D Ultra Pro 2 trail runners in the water.

Surprisingly (?) I found it difficult to hustle anyone to step in as training partner….go figure ?! … but at the 11th hour, in steps my gutsy number-one-roadie, Gus.  Although not super keen to get wet, he was VERY keen to come down to the beach in the middle of the night and issue out all manner of “challenges” for his old man. For him, this was better than television.

We did start a little slowly though.  We were heading to our “beach of preference” at Mordialloc…chosen for it’s accessibility, car parking, width and general user-friendliness. We were not happy to find that just about every section of beach in this area was closed for “Sand Reconditioning” (????).  This forced us to drive back the way we had come in search of another option.  In the end, we finished up at the same beach I used for a previous session.

With this wetsuit 1mm thicker through the torso (5mm) and limbs (4mm), the inclusion of a 3mm integrated hood made for a pretty positive experience.  I also used a pair of 3mm diving gloves after really feeling the cold in my fingers last time.  While my intention is to use marino socks (high grade thermal base layer gear), I don’t have these yet so I used a pair of kevlar motorcycle socks.

Jumping in at 10.15pm the only things to feel the cold when I hit the 10°C water were my feet and face.  Initially I was a little worried that I’d have to use neoprene socks or something as they would not be ideal to run in.  After a while though, my feet acclimatised and I felt pretty good.  Mind you, if I stayed underwater for too long, my face really started to ache.  This was a bit of a wake-up call as the water was 5-10°C warmer than it will be come race time. Even diving hard into the water, barely a drop flushed through the hood and I honestly could have flapped around in there for hours…sadly though, Gus was going to have none of that.  We weren’t here for playtime.

Water/Beach Interval Session

All water work was minimum of chest deep. Kettlebell was 16.0kg.  Tyres were large/wide profile.

300m Chest deep run (water), 300m Run (beach), 300m 2x Tyre carry (water), 300m 2x Tyre carry (beach run), 300m Kettlebell carry (water), 300m Kettlebell drag (beach run), 300m 1x Tyre carry overhead (water), 300m Tyre run (beach), 300m 2x Tyre drag (water), 300m 2x Tyre carry (beach run), 300m Kettlebell carry (water), 300m Kettlebell drag / belly crawl (beach).

I’ll say it again…Gus LOVED this.  I think I’ve created a monster as he’s already asking when we’re doing it again.  He’s even keen on donning his own wetsuit next time and jumping in….probably to keep a closer eye on me.

When we packed up, we had a good laugh when I unzipped the wetsuit and steam pumped out of it into the cold night air.  Gus thought it was hilarious to seen steam coming out of the suit and off my head, arms and hands.  He couldn’t believe how warm the inside of the wetsuit was.  I’d call that a very successful test of an awesome suit.

He was on the go throughout this entire sesssion…busy getting my next “challenge” ready, barking “words of encouragement” and taking photos/videos.  For your amusement, I’ve uploaded a couple of his videos below.  Hope there’s a laugh in there somewhere for you.



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