Mechanics Goes National

Well the day started with of those calls you could easily get used to when you’re trying to pump up your profile for a good cause. At about 9.45am this morning I get a call from my brother to tell me, “Get off your arse and find a TV somewhere. I think you might be about to get a plug on The Circle !”

I found a quiet spot just in time to see our lovely friend, Aleisha McCormack, in full swing as occasional co-host of this popular Australian morning program…weekdays at 9am, Channel 10. It only took a few minutes before she was giving Australia an insight to her observations on the Tough Mudder phenomenon….including a massive plug for Tough Mudder Mechanics! Needless to say, I can’t thank her enough…give the logo a click and check it out…

The workout was a bit shorter than I had planned today…I had to halve the conditioning program. Marcelle is really struggling at the moment and I had to get home as soon as I could…poor girl. We’ve no idea why her ME is hitting her so hard at the moment…she’s eating well within her limits, has been resting and staying on top of her supplements and medication. Her speech, cognitive function and energy are all in trouble. The unpredictability of this thing is nothing short of cruel. Neither of us have any choice but to try and ride it out while minimising impact to the boys as best we can….this isn’t easy if you have no idea where the finish line is.



Deadlift 5x 5 reps 130.0kg with each set immediately followed by Underhand Chin-ups 5x 5 reps 20.0kg. Rest 90-120 seconds between each superset.

Then, five rounds for time…

500m Run, 50 Squats

< 17:42 >

While I’m on topic of exposure and help from family and friends, I would like to cordially invite everyone to a fundraiser event put together by my brother, Oli (thanks, bud) and his friends from WACCI (We’re Australian Creative Collective Inc ). This group of awesome people are no strangers to fund raising, including Olivia Newton-John amongst their multitude of high profile clients and events.

This event will be a really light-hearted, fun night out. Please click the FaceBook link below to find out more and RSVP. We would love to see you there.


Finally, I’d like to include a thank you to Spyder Displays.  I was referred to these guys to seek out a quote for a small banner for the race which I hoped would proudly display my sponsors’ logos at the competitor transition area.  I was picturing something like a low fence around the tent…say around 200cm x 40cm.  When I sent an email through these guys looking for costs etc, Lee very kindly called me back that afternoon and offered to donate the sign as a gesture of support.  They had checked out the Tough Mudder Mechanics website and thought it was a good cause to get behind. Too good.

So…having introduced you to yet another local Melbourne business supporting Tough Mudder Mechanics, it would be great if you were able to refer any suitable business enquiries through to them. It’s important to know that I was referred to them in the first place based purely on the quality of their work and cost effective options.  Give their logo a click to learn a little more.

Thanks, Lee.

2 thoughts on “Mechanics Goes National

  1. Boo! I can’t download the Circle plug. Aleisha said the network doesn’t let any other country except Australia download their programs.
    Really wanted to watch it.
    Sure it was excellent. Thinking of you from afar! 🙂

    • Hey Han,
      I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to secure a copy so I recorded it on iPhone. The sound is shite but passable at full volume on headphones. Hope it works for you xx Say hi to everyone for us 🙂


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