Heavy Run • Heavy Swing

With yesterday’s session cut short, today needed to compensate…


Wearing a 10.0kg vest, complete five rounds, for time…

500m Run, 20x Kettlebell Figure-8’s 32.0kg, Run 500m, 20x Kettlebell swing 32.0kg, Run 500m, 20x Kettlebell double hammer curl 2x 24.0kg, 500m Run, 20x Kettlebell double swing 2x 24.0kg

< 1.17:56 >

Totals:      Run > 10.0km + 10.0kg vest     Lifts > 400 Kettlebell reps (16,000kg) + 10.0kg vest

What an absolute dog of a workout.  This was a real tester…looking to mimic interval running on tired/heavy legs combined with the midline strength, coordination and control you would expect most obstacles will demand. As I have previously, here are a couple of videos to give you some pointers on the safe execution of a couple of the kettlebell drills.  The golden rule is if you’re not sure, ask someone who knows…injuries are just counter-productive.  I hope it goes without saying that I am always more than happy to field questions via comments if that helps anyone.

Kettlebell Figure-8

Double Kettlebell Swing


 One of the best things to come out of yesterday’s exposure on The Circle, was discovering two other Melbourne-based competitors for World’s Toughest Mudder 2012. It’s nice to know you’re not the only one heading over.  The idea of having a bit of an “Aussie Zone” at the competitor transistion area is a quiet comfort.

Having said that, allow me to introduce Trent & Steve from Shaw Thing Fitness, Point Cook.  It’s great to see these boys are also using the race as a fund raising soapbox…raising money for the Cancer Council of Australia.  I know I’m already asking donations of people for ME/CFS Australia, but should you have a personal reason to favour the Cancer Council of Australia as a preferred charity, I urge you to give Steve’s logo below a click and donate to this very worthy cause.

Trent and Steve are already putting their bodies on the line as a gesture of solidarity by joining the rest of our troop this coming Sunday for July Debris.  It will be a great chance to meet in person and simulate some pain and torment as we all prep ourselves for the race ahead.


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