Rest Day = Productive Day

Yesterday’s session was a good one…a grinder, yes…but effective and relevant.  With treatments booked in today and July Debris looming, I opted for a rest day with intensity to build over Thursday and Friday before the 8-hour punishment hits us all on Sunday.

It’s been yet an awesome day where I’ve been fortunate enough to be at the receiving end of several acts of generosity and support. With so many occasions in the past where my job has required me to pass judgement on requests of support and donations, it has been an eye-opener to experience what a “yes, we would love to help you out” means to people. I can tell you I’ll be a total push-over from now on!

You have to be happy when your afternoon goes something like this…

45 minute massage

(work related…someone had to do it !)

60 minute osteopathy consultation

(first of a series of sessions kindly donated by Dr. Locky Goodwin).

People, this guy is seriously good. I won’t bang on and on about it other than to say if you ever need to address the repair or maintenance of your body I cannot recommend Locky highly enough. Thanks for today, mate.

Phone call received…Macpac confirming their intention to provide sponsorship.

It’s been nearly six weeks since I first walked into Macpac Hampton East. Macpac is easily our brand of choice for outdoors and camping. We are already proud owners of two high capacity packs and two mountain tents. Our gear is 10-15 years old and still going strong simply because the quality, materials and design are first class. So all that being said, it was definitely a fist-pump moment when I received the call confirming they are happy to provide me with all my baseline Marino thermal wear for the event. This kit will be critical in my thermal management for the freezing conditions predicted on race day and means a greater capacity to steer funds directly to ME/CFS Australia.  Thanks, Dan.

Delivery arrives…a box of the best compression gear around, courtesy of  2XU

I couldn’t ask for more support from these guys.  It’s not just about giving away some world-class kit…there’s the personal encouragement, race advice from an ultra-distance/adventure runner (cheers, Simon), support of the ME/CFS Australia cause and belief in my ability to do a decent job of the race. Massive thanks to Aidan and Simon.

Happy home

Home after work to find Marcelle feeling much better….not 100% by any stretch, but a huge improvement in comparison to the past week or so.  For those fortunate enough to have never witnessed Myalgic Ecephalomyelitis in full swing, I can’t tell you how hard it is for Marcelle to keep the house ticking over when she suffers an ME crash.

I’m usually out the door at 5.30am and rarely home any earlier than 6.00pm, so my girl is well and truly on her own. It is a massive relief to see her strength returning…. in her posture, her voice and her eyes. We don’t get out much, so hopeful to manage a trip to Gold Class this weekend (birthday tickets…thanks Doug & Lis) to see the cultural epic that is Ted. Should be a laugh.


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