Row To Grow


Soft tissue maintenance

Slightly torturous 30 minute session focusing on massaging calves, quads, hamstrings and ITB with a firm foam roller, quadballer (aka “the rollerskate from hell”) and a massage stick.  Aside from a few tears, this was 30 minutes well spent and I have now vowed to get some of this done at least 5 days per week.



5x 20 reps Olympic bar rotations with 60 seconds rest between sets.

I’ve added a video below to illustrate the technique behind this excellent midline/core exercise.  The only difference is that this guy is using a bit of kit called a “Torsonator” (oh, there are some sharp minds in that marketing department…only a serious think-tank on the back end of an all-nighter could come up with a name like that).  You can get one too for around $300…or you can shove a towel in a corner and prop the end of an Olympic bar into it like I did.


Row 5,000m, Rest 5 minutes, Row 5,000m

< 19:13 >     < 19:02 >

I was aiming for consistency with this workout but a slight change in technique on the second round helped me cut the time without really having to pull much extra out of the tank.  I maintained a good steady-state for 4,500m and gunned it for the last 500m on each round. Not really by intention though…more instinctively driven by simply sniffing that finish line. I’ve added a technique instruction video below for you in the hope you might pick up some tips that will help cut your own time down too.  Enjoy.


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