Repair & Prepare

Had me some pretty severe aching in the shoulder over the past 36 hours, so that was a good enough indicator to me to chill out today.  I had a myotherapy treatment set for 5.00pm anyway so a rest day wasn’t such a bad option.  Repair the shoulder business and start prepping for the onslaught set for Sunday’s July Debris.

I’m definitely lucky to have great injury management support around me.  Nikki does an awesome job putting up with my various complaints, just as I do a good job of putting up with her brutal thumbs and elbows. You know it’s fierce when you stop mid-sentence and automatically drop into some version of le mars breathing to survive. In addition to this direct myofascial release, I was a human pin cushion for some dry needling…I counted 17 needles being removed from around my anterior and medial deltoid.  When I was flipped over, she expertly dropped around a dozen or so around my scapula, bringing on a number of muscle twitch responses.  While she left these needles to “cook for a while” she then ever-so-kindly raked the bejezuz out of my right calf and achilles tendon.

I’m feeling a bit better while I write this…beer in hand  🙂

Tomorrow will be spent picking my thermal gear from Macpac, dropping off some supplies at CrossFit 121 while Chris and I discuss some of the finer details for the event and gathering supplies for the post-Debris BBQ. With around 20 people involved it’s going to be a good day out.


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