Post Interrupted

Yes, we did complete the epic July Debris ….and yes, I know you’re keen to read all about the camaraderie, suffering, torment and triumph.  But you’re going to have to wait.

The reason for the delay is that I am simply too tired to think straight and my legs feel like they’ve been anaesthetised.  Standing up off the couch and walking around are not two of my favourite activities right now.  I’ll be adding climbing the stairs to my office to that list tomorrow.  If I get cramps on my motorbike in the morning it’s not going to be pretty….it’s very uncool to ride around with both legs extended out to each side.

The other reason is that I’ll wait until I get hold of some of the photos that Maria & Co were snapping off throughout the day. There should be a few laughs in amongst those.

Stay tuned, faithful followers.

In the meantime, please join me in sharing a sincere thank you to Chris & Maria from CrossFit 121.  Show your support by going to their FaceBook page by clicking the link below and LIKE’ing them. Great people with an awesome facility.  You should get in there for a session and check it out soon…especially while Chris is in this momentary state of pain.  He’ll nod to just about anything right now : )

To those that put their bodies through significant pain and torment for Tough Mudder Mechanics and ME/CFS Australia, you have my sincere thanks. It is my pleasure to announce you have been elevated to Legend Status. Today was an epic display of grit, good humour and physical prowess. Nicely done, guys and girls !

For those unfamiliar with ME/CFS Australia and the critical services they provide to so many people, please give their logo a click and take a look around.  Your efforts today have made a real difference to these guys.  Thank you !


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