July Debris Debrief

Well, as promised, here you have your dissection of the “event that was”.  This was an epic 8 hours where a group of 16 tough nuts gathered together to complete an arduous agenda in fairly unpleasant weather.  We were lucky for the most part, with the rain choosing to hammer down when we were completing tasks indoors.  Almost appropriately however, the sky opened up when we had to run the last mile to complete the day. Nice.

The group bonded quickly and there was friendly piss-taking being passed around in no time at all. Everyone gave it their all…I know it  sounds cliché, but it was a privilege to be a part of this group and they each have my sincere thanks for showing such strong support for a worthy cause. These guys and girls ditched their much-loved Sunday and put themselves through the wringer. Legend status to all.

A special mention has to go to Chris and Maria for being such awesome hosts.  Nothing was a problem, everything chugged along smoothly and there were smiles all round (although sometimes they may have been through clenched teeth on the back end of the 1,000 walking lunges or half way through the 500 sit-ups ).  Should you happen to reside around the Cheltenham area, get your butt into CrossFit 121…you’d be mad to deny yourself some coaching from one of Australia’s best CrossFit athletes.  Hit the logo up top to check out their website for more information.

My own story? I tested a liquid only food plan for this event, using a high carbohydrate ‘endurance fuel’ powder, together with electrolyte capsules. The powder was consumed as directed, hourly in 500ml of water while one electrolyte capsule chased it down on the hour as well. I also drank a high-protein mix at the 4-hour mark.  While my energy levels were excellent without any digestive discomfort, there are some issues to address in regards to my magnesium levels. I think this lies firmly in my pre-loading regimen.  I made no conscious effort to elevate my levels in preparation for the event, relying solely on my elevated intake on the day. With the body going into deficit so quickly under such physical demands, this was a significant oversight.  Dumb arse.

As a consequence, I treated the other 15 legends to a spectacle of abstract dance when we were about two-thirds through the program. Almost simultaneously, I couldn’t walk properly to save myself with both adductors seizing, quads in spasm and my calves felt like someone had inserted a small rodent under my skin. If I tried to stretch one thing, the other side locked up. After some hopping around, contorting and light jogging, this subsided enough for me to get back into the swing of things, although with some reduced range of movement. The only other issues were minor….a bit of a niggle in my right achilles and some tenderness on my left hip. All in all, this was a very worth while exercise where I’ve met great people and extracted some good data. Happy days.

One funny thing is that it is highly likely I’m going to lose my big toenail as result of this gig…I think Adam’s is a chance too. This happened when we did it in October 2010. Our theory is that it was largely due to the 1,000 walking lunges. Go figure.

Rather than just regurgitate the day’s agenda, I’ve just dropped stats onto a page randomly….for those that were there, drink in those numbers and pat yourself on the back. Nicely played everyone.

Training Today

I just wanted to try and loosen up a little today…shake some blood through my legs in the hope that my rate of recovery will respond accordingly.

5 rounds at 75-80%

Run 500m, Ride 1,000m, Row 500m



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