Loosen Up

With the second day after an intensive session usually the worst, today is not as bad as I was dreading…I’m far from moving like a startled gazelle but at least I can manage a session and keep moving.  My achilles is still niggling a bit, but some rest, ice and massage should clear that up.  I’ll be looking at some strapping techniques and playing with my foot strike on some runs too….more of a mid-foot landing gives instant relief in exchange for a little more loading on the calves.  The tenderness on the outside of my hip seems to be related to my iliotibial band…maybe a slight case of bursitis according to the Googles.  All treatable and no need for too much worry…you would expect this stuff when you increase your running mileage so much in a relatively short time anyway.

Today’s session went pretty well for what it was.  Nothing too mad on the back of Sunday’s slaughter, but enough to get a sweat up and legs moving again.  If you deprived yourself of an epic session over the weekend, then feel free to ramp this up and make the most of it.


Ride 10.0km @ 80% with positive incline and high cadence.


Three rounds…

10x Bent over row 60.0kg including a back extension at each rep, 20x Incline tick-tocks, 10x Weighted cable tows

The incline tick-tocks are completed in a supine position on an incline bench with legs raised straight and twisting from one hip to the other, working the obliques pretty hard.  Weighted cable tows are simply pulling or pushing a weighted cable for around 5m per rep.  This would be simulated by dragging something outside if you’re lucky enough to get out and about.


Ride 1,000m, 3x 10 reps Alternating kettlebell bent over row 24.0kg, 3x 10 reps Toes-to-rings, 3x 10 reps Alternating kettlebell hammer curls 24.0kg, Row 1,000m

The alternating kettlebell rows are just a simple pumping action in a wide braced stance and a solid midline.


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