Reset Button

The  combination of work demands and an osteo appointment made for an unplanned rest day. Not a bad option really and the day wasn’t exactly wasted anyway…


Mobility, stretching, roller and stick work on the legs. Special attention to the quads,  ITB and achilles….my July Debris legs did not enjoy that too much, even if it was good for them.


Osteopathy appointment with Locky Goodwin. This visit was a far cry from the euphoria of the previous week…you know a calf massage is hurting when your foot is shaking uncontrollably and you’re breaking into a light sweat. A chewing stick would not have been out of place. The ITB was much the same story of white knuckle pain when Locky used some massive, high powered 240V “massager” thingy, the sound of which would have had veteran porn stars running for their lives.


Will make up lost ground with more mobility, roller/stick work followed by a morning and afternoon session with reasonable volume. Locky has also given me a number of exercises for keeping my shoulder in order too…a tad boring (sorry, Locky), but nevertheless compulsory.

2 thoughts on “Reset Button

  1. C’mon mate,
    No pain no gain! ;). I’ll have to work on some more exciting exercises/strengthening rehab for you next session! Start that mg/ca intake too buddy.

    • I suppose I could have mentioned how much better my legs feel now but that would have diluted the drama 🙂

      Thanks again for the repair work today, mate…will be getting the MgCa powder very soon.

      Your exercises will be first on the agenda on the morning.

      Have a good weekend.


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