Split Session

As promised to myself yesterday, I’ve squeezed two sessions in day courtesy of an early start.  The legs are feeling much better (thanks Locky) although the ITB bursitis on the left hip is still hanging…I’m guessing that I just need to let it settle down and keep at the ITB with the roller and stick work.  I’m subbing most of my running for rowing this week in an effort to quieten this annoyance.


Mobility, stretching, roller and stick work on the legs.  As mentioned, there was special attention to the ITB and achilles.

WOD 1 : Chins n’ Swings

Buy-in:   20x Handstand knee taps, 10x Muscle-ups

Handstand knee taps:  Alternate from one arm to the other, touching the knee at each exchange with the free hand.  I’m no circus freak, so I’m up against a wall with these ones.

Then, three rounds for time…

600m Run, 20 Chin-ups, 15 Kettlebell swings 32.0kg, 5 Wall walks.

< 19:56 >

The chin-ups and kettlebell swings should remain unbroken.  I’ve attached a quick video below to help you with the wall walks if you’ve not done them before.



WOD 2 :  Row n’ Jump

5,000m Time Trial Row

< 18:45 | 1:52.5/500m pace >   (PB by 18sec….pretty happy with that)

(Drag Factor 119)

Then, for time…

Row 1,000m, 5x Box jump sequence, Row 800m, 5x Box jump sequence, Row 600m, 5x Box jump sequence, Row 400m,  5x Box jump sequence, Row 200m, 5x Box jump sequence

< 24:15 >

Each row must be faster than the previous (and no, that doesn’t mean you take a holiday on the first row). Box Jump Sequence pictured below = over 18″ box, up 3 stairs, onto 24″, onto 30″. The landings must be treated as “hot” with a one-touch lift-off….no pause between bounds.  My advice is to take a good breath and hold it for the duration of the sequence which will stabilise your midline and allow a much stronger performance.


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