Mobility Rules

Yesterday’s split session was a good day out, but I’ve broken my own promise of frequent mobility work and my body is speaking to me in a stern tone for it.  It’s been a while since I completed the Mobility WOD session…for those that have not seen this material before, I highly recommend it.


15 minute Sauna


Mobility WOD:

Posterior hip mobilisation, Shoulder extension / external rotation, Anterior hip mobilisation, Ankle dorsiflexion, 10 Minute deep squat test, Couch stretch.

For those not familiar with the mechanics behind the stretches and holds listed above, just give the image below a click and by the wonders of the internet you will be magically transported to the detailed descriptor. 


Roller & Stick work for quads, ITB and calves

and finally…

15 minute Sauna before heading home for a chilled out Friday night and a couple of beers. I have my monster mother-in-law staying with us this weekend, so I may need some extra beers to drown out the perpetual ranting…..(ahh, just kidding Lee x….you’re ok, I suppose).  Bracing myself for some serious pain and agony tomorrow morning with Nikki’s myotherapy as I very reluctantly tell her my ITBs need her brutal touch.  I’m hoping there will be some “quiet time” though when she drops a few needles in there too.

Whatever you’re doing this weekend, I hope there are fun times ahead.


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