Rowing Splits

Continuing with my softly-softly approach to my ITB issues, I’m giving the rowing maching a hiding at the moment…perfect for high output work with zero impact.  I’ll be testing my running legs out again when I venture back to Wilsons Prom to get some decent mileage done through some awesome countryside.  Marcelle and Gus will be holding base camp at Tidal River while I’m out and about…hopefully without bringing back the “brown cloud” I found out there last time.  If I drop my bloody food on the ground this time, it’s staying there no matter how hungry I am!


AMRAP15   (as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes)

6 Wall walks, 12 Box jumps 24″, 250m Row

< 5 Rounds >

Rest 10 minutes, then….


6 Rounds

500m Row, 2 Minutes rest  (looking for consistency….hold splits within 2-3 seconds)

S1 1:44.2    S2  1:43.9   S3  1:43.6   S4  1:43.7    S5  1:43.3   S6  1:42.4

(Drag Factor 119)


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