Dead Hangs

I thought I’d start with some good news before launching into the pain and discomfort of training…just to let you know that Marcelle has been doing pretty well lately 🙂   She has made some really good improvements over the past week or so which as been great to see.  These are hopeful signs, although she is still not strong enough for us to get out much.  Socialising and being in populated, noisy environments are still really draining on her.  My birthday in June saw me receiving some really generous gifts like dinner at Pei Modern and Gold Class movie tickets, but we’re still not able to enjoy these yet. 

Gold Class movie tickets will be reserved for The Dark Knight Rises….oh, yeah.


…and we are hanging out to get to Pei Modern, but we don’t need the string of impressive reviews to convince us.  Knowing the fantastic people behind this restaurant as we do, you’ll just have to trust our obvious bias as we tell you to get your butt there to try it out for yourself.  Hit their logo and visit their site to read more and make a reservation. You’ll love it.


Marcelle’s mum, Alida, has been staying with us for the past few days before she continues travelling up the east coast for holidays with a friend.  She’s great to have around and is a massive help for Marcelle. There’s no doubt her visit has made a difference.  Our boys are looking forward to “Granny Rules” coming into effect when she holds the fort while Marcelle and I head off to New York for the World’s Toughest Mudder race in November.



5,000m Row @ 90% Time Trial Pace

< 20:21 | 2:02.1/500m pace >

Drag factor was increased from my usual setting of 119 to 193 to force me to generate more torque for a bit of variation.  Felt good to row a ‘heavy’ boat for a change.


5 rounds, untimed…

2 mins maximum reps dead hang/strict chin-ups (supinated grip to protect shoulder), 30m of reverse cable sled pull 42.0kg

< Chins: 20, 20, 20, 21, 18 >


Rest 5 minutes, then…

Row 1,000m, Row 800m, Row 600m, Row 400m, Row 200m with 30 Sit-ups after each row and 60 seconds rest between each couplet.  Deliver maximum output for each split.

S1  1:43.5/500m (3:27)   S2  1:47.0/500m (2:51)   S3  1:44.8/500m (2:05)   S4  1:42.9/500m (1:22)   S5  1:37.7/500m (0:39)

As you can see by the splits, I went way too hard out of the gates for the 1,000m row…I spent the first 400m or so at sub-1:40/500m then just lost the legs, eventually levelling out to an average of 1:43.5/500m.  A bit disappointing as this gassed me out for the 800m, but the legs had already taken a bit of a knock around in the sled pulls and this morning’s 5,000m row.  

Excuses, excuses…yes, agreed. Cup of concrete, anyone?



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