A triplet of three sharp workouts with five minutes rest between each.  The splits within two of these workouts also included 2 minute rests to ensure a high output at each rotation.  While that sounds nice, the pressure to thrash yourself can mess with your head.


Working up to a 20RM dumbell deadlift.

< 2x 42.5kg >

This is a maximal effort, unbroken set…as heavy as you possibly can without interruption. You may “rest” in the standing position if you need to, but the weights cannot be released.  If you release mid-set, your rep count re-starts. Unless you have an iron grip, I’d advise against the idea of any kind of “rest” as your forearms and hands are going to be fried as it is. I would have liked to have gone a little heavier but these are the biggest dumbells we have.

This is as much about grip strength and scapula control as it is about the lift itself.  The nature of holding heavy dumbells at your side means you need to flare your arms so your legs are unobstructed while completing each rep.  Doing this while keeping your scapula down and retracted is not easy with a heavy weight….you should definitely feel some fatigue around your traps and rhomboids when you complete the set.

This was supposed to be a front squat drill, but someone had the cheek to use the squat rack when I needed it.  I need to put up a sign or something.

Rest 5 minutes.


For time, three rounds of…

Row 500m, 12 Double kettlebell swings 2x 24.0kg, 12 Burpees, Rest 2 Minutes.  Include the rests in your total time.

< 15:27 >

Rest 5 minutes.


For time, six rounds of…

Row 500m, Rest 2 Minutes  (looking for consistency….hold splits within 2-3 seconds)

S1 1:44.1    S2  1:43.6   S3  1:43.4   S4  1:43.5    S5  1:42.5   S6  1:40.5

(Drag Factor 119)

These times weren’t too bad as they were a little quicker than my previous efforts as well as being straight off the back of the earlier efforts.

Just so we don’t have any confusion…this is NOT how I would expect you to be rowing…

2 thoughts on “Triple

  1. Note that noone has ever prevented me from squatting by going anywhere near the swuat rack when I need it. I suggest not showering for at least 3 days and yelling in something that sounds like a hybrid hebrew-russian language before every set.

    • I need the highly concentrated “Essence of Homelessness” that you seem to have in abundance. I’m not happy about you throwing fuel on the perpetual fire of The Champ’s ego either. WTF??!!


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