Long Intervals

Long day today and only in the middle of a long week thanks to the Duty Manager roster stepping in to steal my weekend.  Makes for a long stretch at work but on the lighter side, Marcelle and Gus will be able to stay at the Hotel for the weekend and indulge themselves in the lives to which they’d like to become accustomed  🙂   It’s good to see Marcelle getting a chance to unwind a little and get out of the house that usually traps her so much.  She may be feeling pretty lousy but at least she’s in a nice environment where she has little to worry about.  Makes for a nice break.

Training today was pretty short and to the point…I’ll be looking to get some mobility work done over the weekend if I can in the hope I can start to put this niggle in my left ITB/bursa to bed soon.


12 rounds of 2x Dead hang weighted chin-ups.  Each round completed every 30 seconds.

< 16.0kg >

Rest 5 minutes, then…


3x Row 1,500m, Rest 2 minutes.

S1   5:29.7      S2   5:26.0     S3   5:23.6

I was supposed to keep the splits within 2-3 seconds of each other but I can’t help myself from gassing it towards the end of the last split.  The sniff of that finish line is too hard to resist.

Whatever you’re up to, have a great weekend with great people.


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