Pain Followed By Pain

Today was a bit of a rush around with too many jobs to get done and too few hours in the day.  As such, today session was a bit shorter than initially intended but I’ll be making up for that.  It seems that the weather will be the deciding factor against going to Wilsons Prom this weekend for some trail running. To be honest, I couldn’t care less if it rained cats and dogs while I was running around, but that ain’t no fun for Marcelle and Gus while they hang out at “Base Camp” (Tidal River).  This trip is definitely on the must-do list, but we just want to make sure it’s a good time for everyone.

So, my intention is to conduct a repeat of Filthy Fifteen Miles sometime in the next week or so, but this time the full session will be done from the rower…all 24km of it.  Oh, indeed, it will suck…but high volume is my friend.  Train hard, play easy.

This will also give me more time to make sure my ITB’s are in good order.  On the advice of a good mate, I’m going to hit the pool this weekend for some “water running”…supposed to be ‘da business’ for ITB rehab while still keeping your running legs in shape.  No, it is definitely not a workout that will score me any “cool points” but as I have been promised, will have some benefits.


Dynamic back squats (deep range, steady down, fast out) 12 sets of 2x 60.0kg conducted every 45 seconds.

then, five rounds of…


7 Front squat 50.0kg, 7 Handstands (hold 5 sec), 21 Kettlebell swings 32.0kg (unbroken), 200m Run, Rest 2 minutes.

< 28:20 >

I much preferred this pain, as compared to what followed…

Off I trot to see Nikki for a myotherapy assault that really did set new levels for pain and torment. I’ve often boasted “if it doesn’t hurt, it’s not a real massage”.  I’m seriously reconsidering my choice of words. For your benefit, I have displayed a picture of these smiling assassins below.  Should you see them walking your way, cross the street before you find yourself on their table.

You know I’m kidding…these girls are awesome myotherapists. I’m just a big nancy.


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