Run Squat Row


It was good to get some time early this morning to go through some mobility work.  I’m becoming quite a fan of the six stretches that I’ve been banging on about over the past few months.  I actually never thought I would ever look forward to stretching….sooo boring.  Unfortunately, the niggles and injuries make it a necessity.


This drill takes around 30 minutes and was finished off with around 15 minutes of stick and roller work on my slowly-improving-ITB’s.  Felt pretty good after this.



Three rounds, for time…

Run 400m, 50 Squats.

< 9:44 >

I deliberately kept the run at a moderate pace, just looking to establish a good base rate for the race. The squats were deep…hitting about 25-30cm off the ground with each rep.

then, complete…


Row 5:00 minutes, Rest 2:30 minutes, Row 6:00 minutes, Rest 3:00 minutes, Row 7:00 minutes

R1  1,406m (1:46.6/500m)    R2  1,650m (1:49.0/500m)    R3 1,941m (1:49.7/500m)


Just to spice things up today, Marcelle had to take Gus to hospital for x-rays after a fall at school.  After your standard 4-hour wait, the x-rays came back all clear and Gus has his badly sprained right wrist in a half-cast.  He has his soccer grand final this Friday, so he’s hopeful that the half-cast will be enough to survive the game. Fingers crossed.

This is a good example of how fragile those suffering ME/CFS can be. Even this pretty standard event (standard when you have two boys at least) has brought Marcelle to a grinding halt…forcing her to bed by around 5.15pm today.  I’m hoping she feels better tomorrow x


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