Mobility Rules

At the risk of becoming monotonous, I began my day with more mobility and stretching work.  As an osteopathy appointment with Locky was on the cards this afternoon I figured I would give myself a quiet day and work on all that troublesome connective tissue.


Part A:

The six exercises to maximium mobility are becoming a favourite.  It is just good to have a set stretching structure and, on top of that, to know that the drills you are completing were originally published under the expert hand of one of CrossFit’s most regarded resources, Mobility WOD / Kelly Starrett.  If it ain’t broke…don’t fix it….so why would I try to achieve the same outcome through an untested sequence.  Another good thing about the on-going repetition of this session plan is the detection of improvement….whether it’s the tolerance of the 10 minute squat test or achieving better range in the couch stretch.


Part B:

All exercises/reps are for each leg.

3x 2 minutes single leg balance on soft side of a BOSU (or any other suitable unstable surface), 10x 5 second holds of single leg bridge, 10x 5 second holds of one arm/one leg plank, 2x 15 hip lifts, 20x forward leg lift, 20x backward leg lift, 20x skate.

The forward/backward/skate actions are performed lying on your side with grounded leg straight. Forward action is leg extending forward, backward action is leg extending to the rear and skate is pulling the knee towards the chest, touch the knee to the ground and drive back down (simulating a skate action).

Part C:

15 minutes of ITB, quad and calf massage with the stick and grid roller.

While we’re on the subject of injury rehabilitation and prevention, I have found a VERY interesting article on the MobilityWOD site that is definitely worth a read.  It may change the way you think about all things RICE.  Click on the image below to head to the article and video and see what you think.  I would love to hear your thoughts…drop them into the post comments and we’ll see what the general consensus is. It’s hard to change old ways, yes?


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