It was my Friday today with a three-day weekend ahead after working 11 days straight. The timing is pretty good too as Gus has a day off school tomorrow and has his Regional Soccer Finals running between 0930 -1230…really looking forward to watching him play. He’s been really pumped about his soccer lately which is great. He’s been around the game most of his life as I played State League in Tassie for around 10 years and he was a regular feature at most of my games…the ball was about as big as he was for a while.  It wasn’t long before he was mobile enough to be running onto the pitch at random. Funny stuff.

He’s just had his hair cut too, with a few new threads thrown in to give him every chance at his under-age disco tomorrow night.  Green jeans to match his handsome genes 😉


Anyway, back to business…

I have to admit, I’m becoming increasingly frustrated at having to adjust movements and swap exercises to accommodate the torn tendon in my rotator cuff. The residual pain is pretty bad at night and is really messing with my sleep. When I updated my treating specialist, Dr. Peter Fuller, with this information it was of some comfort when he said it “appears I am managing the injury well”. Peter is probably the second sports medicine specialist I would be happy to rate highly.  Dr. David Humphries (Hobart) was the other.  Both great guys who are excellent at what they do. I have my first consultation with my surgeon in a couple of weeks…hopefully that all goes well.


Maximal effort, working to a 2RM over five sets.

Weighted chin-ups

10x un-weighted, slow, strict reps to warm through.  Then 2x reps 12.0kg, 2x reps 16.0kg, 2x reps 20.0kg, 2x reps 24.0kg, 2x reps 26.5kg


Three rounds, for time…

10 Body blasters, 8 Box jumps, 100m Spiderman crawl

< 24:02 >

A single rep of a body blaster is shown on the clip below but I changed the knees-to-elbow for toes-to-bar instead. Fun, yes?  The box jumps were onto a 24″ box then a quick landing before jumping to a 30″ box. The spiderman crawl is covering distance while staying low to the ground while allowing only hands and feet to touch the floor.




Rest 10 minutes, then…


Tabata Row (20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest, 8 rounds) makes for a short, sharp little dose of rowing at maximum output. I set the damper to 10 for a heavy drag factor with maximum torque.

Total distance covered was 795m with an average pace of 1:40.6/500m and a drag factor of 204.

Fastest round was (surprise, surprise) Round 1 at 104m with an average pace of 1:36.1/500m. The slowest round was Round 4 at 97m with an average pace of 1:43/500m.


The pain is all for ME/CFS Australia.  Please consider a donation.


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