95% Effort

Work was a madhouse today with the day-to-day demands combined with countless hours poured into forecasting business performance for the 2013 calendar year…pumping out reports, crunching numbers, crunching them again and attempts at predicting the future. Part of the job, but a far cry from what you’d describe as fun.

The rower was a welcome relief to be honest. I enjoyed the longer grind.

For this, and the majority of future training sessions, I’ll be including all manner of biometric statistics courtesy of the latest addition to my gear inventory…arriving in today’s post. I won’t delve too deeply into details while I wait on specific images and information, but suffice to say it is a kick-ass heart rate monitor and GPS. I’ll give you all the gory details as soon as I have it all on hand for you.

For now, here is today’s session.  Not necessarily a long workout, but time well spent holding a steady state at 95% effort.


Row 10.0km at 95% of time trial pace.

Time trial pace set at 37:37 (1:52.3/500m) on 12 August.

95% = 39:18 (1:57.9/500m)

Today’s output was slightly quicker than this, and I felt I still had a bit more than 5% in reserve…I’m guessing because it was just a good time to train, for a number of reasons.

< 38:50.7 >   (1:56.5/500m)

Here’s some of the information pumped out by the latest gadget 🙂  At the very least, this shows really good consistency with 2,000m splits and HR holding level for virtually the entire duration. I felt really good getting off the rower.


Every rowing stroke was for ME/CFS Australia.  Please consider a donation.


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