Easy Ride

Frustrating…once again work has taken priority over training. ‘Tis the season of forecasting business plans for 2013…a very time consuming enterprise indeed.  Finished up with a good result, but was denied an opportunity to complete the short triplet I had ready to destroy.

As such, the only training I squeezed in today was a pre-dawn ride to work and return trip home.


Ride 28km at 75-80%

Average heart rate 122bpm   Consumption 688kcal   Time  1:08

I don’t usually fuss about how many kcalories I’ve burned…I run pretty lean most of the time so its not something I generally include in the equation.  This race is different though and I’m going to be taking notes of my kcal consumption so I can start working out the finer details of my feeding schedule for the race.  The golden rule?  :  Less is Best.  Learn what your best ‘lean running’ is and apply it…don’t over-burden your digestive system…even more important in the freezing conditions we’ll have at the race.

My pace is definitely no record breaker, but I do love my bike though…the wide and heavy MTB wheels don’t exactly make for the fastest ground speed on the sealed road,  but this thing is a total beast in the bush.  Behold and admire…

Early night to bed tonight.  Will be heading into the Club at around 0300 for a longer session before work.  Heart rate monitor feedback will be interesting to take a look at.


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