Swing & Pull

Marcelle starting to feel a little better today….she went for a light swim today and came back feeling quite good which is definitely encouraging.  She’s been having a hell of a time over the past few weeks…even unable to attend our own fund-raising event on Saturday night.  If anything speaks for the ME/CFS cause, that does. Her recent feelings of improvement makes up for me feeling a bit ordinary on the back of a lousy night’s sleep.  The overnight shoulder pain was pretty nasty…I’d score it a solid 8/10.  As such, I’m getting a little desperate for this shoulder brace to arrive from the US, but at the same time trying not to hang too much hope on it.  I’m sure it will help, but may not necessarily be the magic bullet.

My legs felt pretty good today…minimal residual effect from yesterday’s run.  Learnt a little lesson about chaffing though…will be doing something about that bad boy before my next run.  I’ll spare you all the details.


Six exercises for maximum mobility…followed by a quick bit of roller and stick work.



Build up to a safe, solid 2RM for Good Mornings then complete 5 sets of 2reps.

< 45.0kg >


Four rounds for time of 15 Double kettlebell swings 2x 24.0kg, 10 Pull-ups 10.0kg

< 11:15 >

For those that can’t remember the last video I posted and aren’t really that familiar with double kettlebell swings, I hope the clip below is helpful.  It’s a beast of an exercise.


Treadmill run at 2° incline 5:00 on, 2:00 off  //  6:00 on, 2:30 off   //  7:00 on

< 1.2km, 1.4km, 1.6km >


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