Maintenance & Repair

Up and getting Gus ready for school (which I’m pretty fond of doing) and into the office with just enough time to squeeze in my usual mobility drills. I’m sorry if any of you are getting a bit over these, but they’re working really well for me so far.  If you’re looking to maintain mobility but want to pimp things up a bit, hit the link below and soak up the wise words of Kelly Starrett…there’s definitely some drills there that will be exactly what your body needs.


Six exercises for maximum mobility.


Off to see Locky for another session today…clunking my pieces back into place.  The clunking is good…the stripping of the hamstrings and calves not so much.  But all necessary evils to keep things in check so the training can continue on….drama free.

I think it’s worth reminding everyone that Dr Locky Goodwin is providing me these weekly osteopathy consultations on his own time and free of charge.  All donated in support of my participation this race and what we’re trying to achieve for ME/CFS Australia. The guy has good karma to burn.


I just had a few things arrive in the mail too…all in an effort to minimise wear and tear injuries when I’m slugging it out for 24 hours.  A pair of Sorbothane inserts to tune down the pounding on my achilles and ITBs plus some funky stuff called Velbexx-17 which blows it’s trumpet as a highly effective and 100% natural topical analgesic and anti-inflammatory balm.

I’ll give the inserts a try on some long runs and see how they fly…will definitely let you know what the verdict is.

Given I’m a walking bag of aches and pains, I was somewhat disappointed that Velbexx were not offering 5 litre drums.  I know I’ll have plenty of opportunities to try this stuff out and will be man enough to publicly admit if I’ve purchased the equivalent of “Dr Nick’s Cure-All Snake Oil”.


Be grateful you can train for races like this.  Think of those that can’t…help them by considering a tax deductible donation to ME/CFS Australia.

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