Crash & Burn

Firstly, I am going to make a promise…that is to stop announcing whenever Marcelle is showing signs of getting some strength back.  I swear to God it’s acting as some kind of sadistic trigger for the universe, in all its wisdom (?), to drop her again. Since posting that, it’s not been a good couple of days for my poor girl.

Today required a rescheduling of my morning’s PT clients to allow me to stay home to get the kids sorted for school and make sure stuff was sorted for Marcelle before heading to work…supplements/medication sorted, house tidy, warmed up and light dimmed.  You know things aren’t good when you get an SMS later in the afternoon announcing how good it was that she was able to make it to the shower.  I know it sounds heavy, but the impact that Myalgic Encephalomyelitis has on a person and their immediate family can never be understated.  Ours is just one example of more than 180,000 others in Australia alone. In the interests of raising awareness and understanding for this widely misunderstood illness, we opened our doors to some pretty personal stuff…feel free to enter here if you would like to learn more about ME/CFS. It’s not a cheery story but if it helps you help someone else in the future then it’s all worth it.


You would think that I would have at least a little bit of good karma in the bottom of my backpack somewhere, but alas it appears not.  On my way to work, the passenger of a stationary car at a red light in the right hand lane decided that this particular red light would be a good place to jump out into the middle of traffic.  Approaching the same red light and travelling on the left side of this car at around 15-20km/h, I impacted flush on the front edge of the door as it cut through the faring of my bike like a knife…throwing me under the 200kg bike as it fell on its left hand side. Damage all over the place. Fan-****ing-tastic.

Overall, I know I’m lucky there are no injuries that will get in the way of my training….other than to undo some of Locky’s good osteo work yesterday.  The impact deceleration was not nice on my bad shoulder though. Even still, it’s amazing how quickly you can pick up an object like this when the adrenaline is surging….felt like 20kg at the time.

Although the attractive female passenger was the one in the wrong here, it is still remains the responsibility of the driver.  The fact this particular driver was a high-profile AFL footballer did nothing to reduce the mild shock or soothe my frayed edges. My only thought was “at least he’s more likely to be insured”.

While my own insurance will cover everything…including a new Shoei helmet, as the scuffs on my original one are clearly unsafe…nothing can cover me for the impending black cloud of shame reserved solely for scooter riders wearing full Dainese leathers. My sentence to be imposed while the extensive repairs are completed.

A price worth paying to restore it to its proper state…take a listen to her singing…

With all this going on, plus parent/teacher interviews in the afternoon, training was abandoned 😦   I intend to make up for this tomorrow, with interest…in between the usual grind at work and getting to the repairer for a quote.


For the sake of all the misfortunate motorcyclists out there, please consider a tax deductible donation to ME/CFS Australia.


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